CV advice

Your CV offers a window into your career and is your first opportunity to impress a potential employer. That’s why it’s vital to ensure you include enough information for them to explore relevant points during the interview.

As experienced healthcare and recruitment professionals, the MCM Medical team offers some top tips on how you can create a winning CV and secure that dream role.

CV length

“Some say your CV shouldn’t be longer than two pages, but we believe it can be longer if you’ve got enough experience talk about. Remember to think quality over quantity and only include relevant details on key experience and achievements.”

Dan Capper, Director of Business Development


“Try to avoid using different fonts and formatting for each section. While it’s fine to make certain headings bold or underlined, too much will draw attention away from your important content. Also use the same font throughout - one that’s easy to read like Arial or Tahoma.”

Michael Carey, Director of Operations

CV structure and layout

“Some of the best CVs I’ve come across have experience and achievements separated into a logical order of headings as it makes it a lot easier to cross-reference your information with your person specification. A good layout for your CV is education and professional qualifications, followed by clinical experience, non-clinical skills, development courses, personal interests and references.”

Richard Musgrave, Client Services Director

Avoid too many words

“If you can say something using fewer words, do. Solid blocks of text can be difficult to read so it can be better to present your skills and experience as bullet points rather than a paragraph. Your experience is the most important aspect of your CV, so make sure your achievements jump off the page.”

Paul Stevenson, Commercial Director

Above all, be honest

“There’s little point embellishing the facts. While it might fly in some industries, being found to be untruthful on your CV in healthcare could land you in hot water with your governing body.”

Dan Capper, Director of Business Development

For further guidance on CV writing or tailoring your CV for a specific role, contact the MCM Medical team who are ready and waiting to help