Manchester Private Hospital - Consultation to Implement Anaesthetic Services

Manchester Private Hospital

MCM Medical was approached by an experienced clinic owner to assist with the planning and set up of a new hospital in Manchester, England. The service required clinical knowledge to advise, implement and drive forward a top-of-the-range cosmetic service to the end user client and their patients. The core focus was anaesthetics and the engagement of third parties to assist in ensuring the hospital was set up for the delivery of service.

Case Presentation

MCM proposed to set up from start-up, an anaesthetic service tailored to provide services for breast augmentation, breast reduction, rhinoplasty and other cosmetic-based procedures. The management of the plan was produced by first detailing a walkaround of the hospital and noting all of the areas that needed a service plan. This included policies and procedures for anaesthetics, scrub and recovery. MCM needed to impart expert knowledge to a new clinical setting incorporating processes and outlining the best equipment to build on for the needs of the hospital in line with best practices and service provision.

We presented this detailed plan into a timeline format with accurate dates for the particular project to be met. We worked with the hospital’s director to stay within budget and timescales to meet the Care Quality Commission visit on 30th June 2018.

Management and Outcome

The service plan that was created had to take into consideration the journey the patients would experience and what safety measures needed to be thought about to incorporate current guidelines and local policies. A thorough planning process enabled us to get it right first time. This has always been our philosophy and way of working. The process of how a patient would be checked in, which included redesigning a care pathway to adapt to the services the hospital proposed needed to be implemented. We realigned and tailored this to go above the industry standard for cosmetic procedures to make sure the flow of the patient from start to finish was as slick as could be.

A full stock checklist sheet was thought through for the hospital which including all anaesthetics, scrub, recovery supplements and equipment for reordering. Cleaning schedules for staff were documented to pass CQC regulations and ensure best practice in all areas.


During the remit of the assignment, the main area of concern was the delivery times for anaesthetic equipment and gaining new licenses for controlled drugs. Starting up a new hospital in such a niche market requires good rapport with secondary companies and partners. Once this plan was established the process started to feel alive, and our team were on track to deliver the project. There was some time lag on equipment due to the origin of the companies outsourcing the specialised goods.

Lessons learned from the case were the timeline of delivery could have prolonged causing a snowball effect of events causing overrun, but thankfully we didn’t fall into that problem.